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Are you looking for Long Island Movers? LIMSA (Long Island Moving and Storage Association) is an association of licensed professional Long Island movers who adhere to LIMSA’s strict Code of Ethics which promises you honest treatment at fair prices. A recent study shows that LIMSA members made more than 51,000 moves a year. According to the N.Y. State Department of Transportation, only nine minor complaints were filed related to those moves. All were resolved to the customers’ satisfaction.

The best way to get an honest estimate from a Long Island Moving company is to contact and compare no more than three licensed and professional movers who serve your area, not operators thousands of miles away trying to look like they are your neighbors.

The easiest way to do this is to click the “LIMSA Members” link above and call or check the web site of three LIMSA movers in or near your community. LIMSA members serve all of Long Island, as well as Queens and Brooklyn.

We created this Web site to help you find Long Island movers you can trust, warn you about Internet sites and phone directories that use false advertising, and to advise you how to avoid mistakes that can make your move a very stressful experience.

The Long Island Moving and Storage Association was the first moving industry association to create a consumer information web site in early 1996. This site, a Golden Web Award Winner, is dedicated to helping you make the right long distance or local move.

If you ever have a legitimate complaint about one of our members, our Grievance Committee will immediately address it.

Select links above or at the right to get helpful tips on moving and to learn what questions you should ask your local Long Island moving company. If you read nothing else here, make sure you see Why You Should Use a LIMSA Member to Move Your Valued Possessions.

Long Island Movers donating food.Donate Leftover Food When You Move

You probably will throw out lots of “stuff” when you move, including non-perishable food. Ask your local Long Island mover if he can deliver that food to a food bank for a family in need. Learn More > Click Here.

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LIMSA members are Long Island movers who are dedicated to making your move a success.

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